Mobile Express is set to revolutionize the way you use your Mobile Phone!

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Digital Signature

1Your legally valid digital signature embedded in your SIM secured by a 4 digit PIN generated and stored in the SIM itself.

100% Secure

2Uses Wireless RSA based PKI technology involving a 128-bit Java Crypto SIM to securely hold your digital identity against any kind of attack

Anytime Anywhere

3Mobile Express is available at your service round the clock and even at remote locations without internet connectivity.

Save Paper!

4Why print on piles of papers and sign each one manually when you can sign them all at once digitally and still earn legal validity.

Build your own Applications

The supersmart Mobile Express API will definitely help!

Handset Independent

Works on all GSM handsets from basic phones to feature phones and even the latest smartphones without installing a separate application

Let us know what you think

Don’t be shy and get in touch, let us know how you want mobile express to work for you

Recent Work

Signed Prescriptions from Doctors on SMS and more!

Login to your favourite social network and your office VPN with just 4 digits on your mobile.

Bringing the government to your fingertips!

Now be completely sure that nobody touches your money without your permission.